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One Afternoon in a Bangkok Airport Hotel

One afternoon after a 12 hour flight from Europe, I ended up at Bangkok Airport with a 6 hour a transit stop and desperate for somewhere to have a shower and sleep.  Fortunately I discovered Louis’ Tavern, a 24 hour hotel inside the airport which offers rooms for long haul travellors. 

Getting to grips with Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport isn’t for the faint-hearted. I finally manage to deduce, after endless traipsing up and down the artic floor space and getting lost on the multiple floors of duty-free shopping, bars, restaurants and massage outlets, that the Emirates Lounge is on concourse D. 

Unfortunately I’m now held up on concourse C as a potential security threat and this impasse is cutting into precious sleep time.  The thought of bunking down on the floor for the next six hours isn’t tempting. I ditch the offending water bottle.

Louis’ Tavern: A hotel inside Bangkok Airport

On concourse D I get directed to Louis’ Tavern on concourse G by a helpful Emirates receptionist (the Emirates Lounge only has bar and lounge facilities and is for business or first class passengers, though I can pay a reasonable fee for two hours’ use of the facilities).

Louis' Tavern Transit Hotel, Bangkok Airport

The incongruously named Louis’ Tavern isn’t a ramshackle watering hole as the name suggests but a 24 hour hotel inside the airport offering rooms for long haul travellers.  Bangkok Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia, so a set up like Louis’ Tavern is a very smart move on the part of it’s owners, Mastermind Consultants Ltd. 

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