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One Afternoon in a Bangkok Airport Hotel


One afternoon after a 12 hour flight from Europe, I ended up at Bangkok Airport with a 6 hour a transit stop and desperate for somewhere to have a shower and sleep.  Fortunately I discovered Louis’ Tavern, a 24 hour hotel inside the airport which offers rooms for long haul travellors. 

Getting to grips with Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport isn’t for the faint-hearted. I finally manage to deduce, after endless traipsing up and down the artic floor space and getting lost on the multiple floors of duty-free shopping, bars, restaurants and massage outlets, that the Emirates Lounge is on concourse D. 

Unfortunately I’m now held up on concourse C as a potential security threat and this impasse is cutting into precious sleep time.  The thought of bunking down on the floor for the next six hours isn’t tempting. I ditch the offending water bottle.

Louis’ Tavern: A hotel inside Bangkok Airport

On concourse D I get directed to Louis’ Tavern on concourse G by a helpful Emirates receptionist (the Emirates Lounge only has bar and lounge facilities and is for business or first class passengers, though I can pay a reasonable fee for two hours’ use of the facilities).

Louis' Tavern Transit Hotel, Bangkok Airport

The incongruously named Louis’ Tavern isn’t a ramshackle watering hole as the name suggests but a 24 hour hotel inside the airport offering rooms for long haul travellers.  Bangkok Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia, so a set up like Louis’ Tavern is a very smart move on the part of it’s owners, Mastermind Consultants Ltd. 

A gun-metal gray ramp leads to the rather unassuming entrance of Louis’ Tavern but suspended adjacent there is an oversized neon sign which even I can’t fail to miss.  The noise from the airport abates as soon as I set foot in the foyer.  Peace and quiet is palpable and similarly reflected in the soothing décor which is all subtle shades of beige and muted lighting. 

I check in for the minimum stay and head hungrily for the dining area where, even though it is 3pm, I am offered a free continental breakfast of cereal, toast, savouries, fresh fruit, juice and tea or coffee. Harmonious music washes down over me from the ceiling and I almost fall asleep into my cornflakes.

An airport hotel room in Louis’ Tavern, Bangkok

When I eventually reach it, my room is a much larger and grander affair than the shoebox I expected.  It has twin double beds decked out in gold duvets, an ensuite bathroom, a full complement of toiletries, his and hers matching purple bathrobes and even a computer, if I can prop my eyes open long enough to check my email. 

Thick curtains drape over large glass panels and block out the artificial light of the airport almost completely.   In fact I almost forget I am in an airport when I’m tucked up snugly within my darkened glass cubicle but the occasional muffled flight announcement serves as a reminder as I drift off.

As tempting as it is to sleep in and let my connecting flight take off without me I do check out, though after unreservedly indulging in a power shower and using most of the complimentary toiletries. 

Refreshed and somewhat early for my next flight, I even contemplate a half hour Thai massage, after all nine hours is a long time to be upright in one position.  However I restrain myself and alongside Louis’ Tavern, ‘Thai massage’ is very firmly placed on the top of my ‘must do’ list for next time.  After all, who said travelling is supposed to be hard work?

Instructions on how to get to Louis’ Tavern, Bangkok Airport Transit Hotel

Turn left out of the arrivals gate and go up escalators to the 4th floor, concourse G.  Go through large pagoda and past Boots chemist on the right, and head towards gates G1-G5. Just before the security check there is a ramp leading off to the right.

Location map available at Excelloz Travel

Prices for Louis’ Tavern, Dayrooms – Transit Hotel, Suvarnabhumi Airport

Visit Excelloz Travel to check rates


Author: Angela Pearse

Bella Travel is a travel blog by Angela Pearse, an Auckland based freelance copywriter, providing copywriting, editing and SEO copywriting for travel & tourism businesses & more ( Angela is also the creator of Bella Italia ( for travel tips, accommodation and locality reviews about Italy. Visit Bella Italia on Facebook ( or Twitter (@bellaitalia_nz) for photos and news about Italy.

3 thoughts on “One Afternoon in a Bangkok Airport Hotel

  1. I am a part of SEO team from last 6 months and I really like your blog and want to create similar blog.

  2. Great! Send me your link when it’s done!

  3. FYI! The Thai massage I had there was amazing! Highly recommended. 20 usd for an hour. It was more expensive then what you would find on the street, but it was a sixth of the price I paid at the Hilton Millenium hotel.

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