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One Out of Five Museums in Florence Isn’t Bad

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A rare sight in Florence – a museum open door.

Florence is definitely the place to go if you want some culture, it has over 70 museums in the city centre alone.  The problem is, sometimes it just doesn’t want you to visit them.

Take today as a case in point.  The morning started off successfully enough with a visit to the Museo Galileo, which I had duly noted closed after lunch.  Fair enough.  Then I got cocky.  I decided to visit a few more museums.

After lunch I made my way north to the Museo Scientifici and Museo Archeologico.  One had a large dinosaur in the process of being removed from its premises and the other was shut.  Slightly annoying but there were still others on the map to try.

What about the Museo Firenze Come’era (Prehistoric Florence)? Nope, that was only open on certain dates and today wasn’t one of them.  Ok, what about the Museo della Casa Fiorentina Antica? That sounded interesting.  It may well have been, but its doors had shut firmly at 1.30pm.

Bearing in mind that it took at least 15-20 minutes to walk between each museum, plus multiple map readings, you can understand why at one point I muttered something unpleasant and shook my fist into the air.  (NB: No one actually cares if you do this in Italy as Italians do it at least once a day and I can see why, it did feel quite pleasing. As did the gelato I had to console my aching feet.)

The moral of the story is, make sure you check museum opening and closing times on the web before you go traipsing around Florence. And if they’re still shut you have permission to mutter unpleasantries and shake your fist in the air, just make sure you’re not holding gelato at the time.


Author: Angela Pearse

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