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Favourite Experiences in Paris…so far…

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So I’ve been in Paris for a week now and here are a few of my favourite experiences…

E.Leclerc supermarket in Pantin

E.Leclerc was an experience because of its eye-popping range of products and produce, all at cheap prices.  The clientele here were always buying up incredible amounts of stuff and queues were long and frantic.  Once when I was standing in line a woman thrust her stroller (complete with child) at me and gestured for me to look after him while she went to get something, very trusting!

Shopping at Mim and Guerrisol

Nothing like a bargain and I came away with lots of things from these two stores without spending a fortune.  Guerrisol is the cheapest though it’s pre-loved, and today when I went there I saw a man holding up a 2nd hand suspender belt thoughtfully as if he were wondering if it would fit him, scary!

Hotel Andre Gill

This hotel I swear has the world’s smallest lift.  I really don’t know how anyone larger than a size 12 would fit in, as well as their luggage.  Also this hotel wins the award for number of pet animals running around in the foyer, three dogs and two cats. And also the worlds smallest breakfast room.  I really don’t know what they’d do if all the hotel guests came down for breakfast at the same time!

Monmartre Eccentrics

Perhaps its just me but there seems to be an abnormally amount of strange people in Monmartre, it is historically an artistic quarter so maybe that’s why.  Makes for interesting people watching anyway.  Tonight I saw an old French dj grooving away in a cafe with a pleased smile on his face.  It made me want to laugh, in a good way.

Metro Metro Metro

I’ll say it again, Metro!  Coming from a city with sketchy public transport it’s a real treat to be able to sight-see using the Metro.  You can cover large areas of the city quickly and it’s really easy to navigate.  Tickets only cost 1.70 euro as well for a single journey.  Plus you’ll see some interesting sights; beggars, buskers galore!  I also love the art nouveau entrances to the stations, they really are Parisian icons.

French pastries

I’ve only eaten two so far, and I nearly cried they were so good.  An escargot aux raisins at the Tuilleries gardens and a Chausson aux Pommes in Pantin.  Nom nom nom!  Been dying to try the Mille Feuille which is layers of pastry and cream, it will happen!


Author: Angela Pearse

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