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Another Cheap(ish) Day in Paris

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The morning began with croissants (how else would a morning ever begin in Paris?).  Even better these ones were free, included in the price of the hotel room.

After breakfast I headed out to the Fragonard Musée du Parfum (Museum of Perfume) in Opera, 9 rue Scribe.  Entrance to the museum is free and you also get a guided tour of the premises.  Our ‘english’ speaking guide (she was from Japan and spoke fluent french as well) gave an interesting run down of perfume through the ages, and explained the distilling process.

Lastly we ended up in the perfume store downstairs where we got to try some of Fragonard’s fragrances, and buy them also.  After smelling about six different ones and getting sprayed with two, I ended up buying the tiniest bottle (15ml) of Belle Cherie for 26 euro.  It’ll probably last a week but hey.

Next it was onto the Louvre to check out an exhibition by my real estate agent’s wife in the Carrousel de Louvre.

This was a big fail as I couldn’t find it and ended up in Starbucks for lunch instead.  It could’ve been worse, I could’ve been the queue of people trying to buy tickets to the Louvre.

After this I headed to the 7th to visit Le Bon Marche in 22-24 rue de Sevres.

This is the oldest department store in Paris dating from 1852 and kind of like an upmarket Smith & Caugheys. It’s supposedly cheap but a scarf I looked at was 100 euro, therefore it’s not cheap.

The cool thing I liked about it were the escalators:

But the uncool thing is that once you go up to a floor, to get to another level you have to walk all the way around to the other side.  Perhaps that’s sneaky French planning though as on the way you might see something to buy.  I didn’t, well nothing I could afford anyway.

Exiting Le Bon Marche I caught the metro back to Pigalle and went for a wander around the back streets of Monmartre.  The sun came out and so did all the sidewalk cafe patrons down rue des Abbesses.  If I could’ve bought a chausson aux pommes my happiness would’ve been complete but I forgot my purse back at the hotel.  Cie la vie.


Author: Angela Pearse

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